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- A man of nature, trapped in the modern world -



Igor grew up in his birthplace, the town of Bačka Topola in Serbia. In his earliest childhood, the favourite preoccupation for him was laying belly first on the floor, spending countless hours, drawing animals and characters from Serbian epic poetry and Hungarian fairy tales. The first official recognition of Igor’s talent was from UNICEF awarding him first place in their worldwide art competition for primary schoolchildren. This was a proud moment -- albeit fraudulently achieved – thanks to schoolteacher that submitted Igor’s paper-collage as being the work of one of her regular students, covering the fact Igor was still bellow school age at that time.


Igor’s lifelong interest in art has led him to choosing graphic design as his occupation. He completed his education at the Bogdan Šuput School of Art, in Novi Sad, Serbia, graduating in 1983. His career in graphic design has been uninterrupted starting in 1984, with a job at a local print company. In concurrence with work as a commercial artist, he exhibited and sold fine art paintings at local galleries.


In his early adulthood Igor lived for some years on the Faroe Islands, where he found himself in “the most remote corner of the earth”, surrounded by breathtaking nature, living and working with the descendants of the Norse Vikings. This is a culture that has preserved the mentality of their glorious forefathers and has kept the language of the epic Norse Sagas alive to this day. This experience, as a whole, greatly influenced Igor’s character and artistic development.


Finally, a love of nature and authenticity brought Igor to Canada, the land of vast unspoiled wilderness, unique history and promising future. Igor has an endless admiration for the cultural teachings of the First Nations and Inuit. Their oneness with the land is well manifested in their art. It often appears that it is the land that is speaking through their hands and their very being. This is the main artistic principle that Igor is aspiring to.


Igor’s paintings are a way for him to vent his frustrations with the modern world, and offer an escape to alternative realms, where nature rules, and ancient cultural ways overpower and ridicule the unsustainability and hollowness of the trappings of modern consumerist society.


In the early nineties, shortly after settling in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Igor started exhibiting and selling art through local galleries:

- Wyndham Gallery, Guelph

- Guelph Exchange Gallery

- Eldon Gallery, Waterloo

- UpTown Gallery, Waterloo

- Paula White Diamond Gallery + Design, Waterloo


In 2015, Igor won the first prize in the prestigious Centre for International Governance and Innovation (CIGI) Art Contest. The painting remains on permanent display at the CIGI Campus, Erb Street West, Waterloo, Ontario.




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